Painting has captivated me since I was five years old and it continues to a positive vocation for me.  My path has been a variety of zigs and zags and I've quit making art many times.  However, I have always been lured back and since I completed my undergraduate degree at Concordia University as a mature student in 2013, I have committed myself to honing the craft of painting.  

My interest lies in developing emotionally evocative and contemplative imagery most often inspired by forms and light naturally occurring as phenomena such as in water, clouds and surrounding environment.  Sometimes my work has ventured into political satire as a means to protest, critic, and provoke discussion on ideologies and social constructs.    

In 2016 I joined Gutterbird Studios (Toronto), a shared artist work space originally founded by Francis and Adrienne Dagg.   I was invited to take over management in January of 2017 and I re-branded the studio with the ideas and input of the other studio members.  Together, we formed Carlaw Collective (2017 - 2018)  and Mere Gallery. There, I worked to foster a lively and respectful creative work space filled with dynamic artists moving towards their own artistic goals.  As well, I aspired to connect with other community organizations and have volunteered my time with St-James town arts and Toronto Arts Council. Unfortunately, in October of 2017 we choose to disband due to rental increases for the space.

Currently, I am a member of the Unkle Collective ( founded by David Feeney, a long time art collector and art enthusiast.  David is striving to promote his artists' work and organize exhibitions and events for his members.  I signed on with David in November 2017 and I look forward to working with him and the group.

Presently I am working wherever I can at home in my city of Toronto and I strive to start painting "plein air" in 2018. I was born in Michigan and I have grown up in London, Ontario and lived in Montreal.